The Harvest is back!Fall is admittedly our favorite season. With all the leaves changing colors and the weather cooling down, what better time for a new blend? Two Colombian coffees playing together beautifully to create a warming cup. Colombia La Candela is for our new relationship with Paisa Coffee based in Virginia! Yolima is a coffee producer and importer of her own coffee in Antioquia as well as neighboring farms to hers. We couldn’t be happier to start a new relationship with her. La Candela is developed longer to bring out spice notes like cinnamon which are tasted on the finish of the coffee. Colombia Mary Quira is the next component from our buddy Luis from Cosecha Traders! This was a competition coffee that placed in the top 40 out of 400 samples in the best cup of Cauca competition. Roasted to bring out juicy citrus notes are present at the very front of this blend. 

The Harvest


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