One goal we have at Stage Line is to develop relationships as deep in the supply chain as possible. Our very first relationship in the coffee industry was with Luis Carlos, founder and head trader at Cosecha Traders. This is our second year working with Luis and seeing his mission being played out with the coffees he sources is incredible. 

This year Luis was present at the Best Cup of Cauca, a competition held in Cauca with over 400 samples submitted, and was able to purchase some of the coffees that placed in the top 40, including this one from Mary Quira.


When Mary Quira was 27 years of age, her grandfather noticed the time had come to bequeath his knowledge after a lifetime as a coffee farmer. He gave Mary a hectare on the family farm and told her it was her responsibility. As she labored to get things in order, he would step in reluctantly to give advice. Several years later, her grandfather’s old school approach paid off as Mary’s coffee wound up in the finals of the Best Cup of Cauca competition held in March 2020.


For Mary, coffee is about love for her family, her grandfather, the farm, and its coffee trees. “Toiling over the land makes you love it,” she says. Her farm is full of childhood memories and more recent ones as the new owner. Her daughter motivates her to strive for improved quality. Now, she passes on her grandfather’s teachings to her children; however, she does not prefer the trial-by-fire approach. She involves them because “they should know what their mother does,” she says. A natural leader, she is the legal representative of an indigenous women’s association, and proudly employs women pickers during the harvest.


Farm: Los Geranios

Community: Vereda Tierras Blancas, La Gaitana (Nasa Indigenous Reserve)

Altitude: 1,950 MASL

Varietal: Colombia

Shade Trees: Pine, cedar, avocado, eucaliptus, and chachafruto

Process: Washed Double Fermentation

First Fermentation: Coffee cherries (24 hours)

Second Fermentation: Mucilage (12 hours)

Washed: 3 times

Drying: Parabolic drying bed (12 days)



Colombia Mary Soleny Quira


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