This special coffee comes from our friends at the Colombian Coffee Club.
They reached out to us via a zoom call to connect and tell us about the initiative "Marta Rubi Project" they put together to help the women on the farms that help produce this increible coffee.
We picked up 1 25kg bag of this coffee and only paid for shipping. They gave us as much time as we needed to repay for the coffee to be able to bring a unique offering to our customers without the finacial impact right away.
This coffee will be purchased for $8/lb after the bag is roasted and sold.
*Limited quantities available*
Heres what Gabriel had to say about it...
"The Marta Rubi coffee is one of our best coffees at our farm el Vergel, at it was a project started by Martha who si Elias & Shady's mom. Marta, Being a single Mother of two in Colombia, created this project with the aim to support a group of 18 brave women who through hard work and determination have been able to change their lifestyle, and thereby becoming economically independent as part of the El Vergel family. That is why 50% of the profits from this project will be given to these women directly. The coffee is produced from a micro lot called "Tico Pepe" -Red Ruby Bourbon is grown and harvested in the Colombian region of El Fresno Tolima. The micro-lot is located next to the milling facility, which makes it easier for the coffee to be carried directly to the washing station without a great effort ( The other coffees take around 1 hour or more to take them to the washing station). And there are 3 factors that have made this one of our best coffees, the first and most important is that is picked by women, and we've found out that they are very detailed-oriented, which makes it almost a perfect picking, therefore all the mass of coffee that arrives to our facilities is quite homogenous so the process is much easier. The second factor, is our micro climate, which by being in volcanic soils, the coffees are able to obtain a lot of nutrients and a particular change of temperatures during the night and the day, which help us developed a high production of sugar in the cherries mucilage. 3rd- This is natural processed coffee coming from a small micro-lot of 5,000 Red Bourbon. After an Anaerobic fermentation process for 60 hours, there is a key approach on the drying phase of this coffee: Starting at 50% moisture content in the coffee beans the drying phase is broken down into four (4) different sessions. For a start this coffee is storage in a pitch black room and vacuum sealed in order to limit the sun light and the oxygen for an optimal slowing down of the oxidation process while the drying is happening."

Marta Rubi *Special Project*


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