This coffee may as well be called "bigfoot" with it's rareness!

If I were to guess, about 99.9% of coffee coming from Kenya is washed and is what they are famed for. However, this natural is bound to make an impact on you and change your mind about what coffee from where should taste like. We love the coffees that push boundaries and out of the norm, so drink this one slow my friends!


With only 15 bags of this experimental natural made, we are extremely fortunate to have secured 2 bags from our good friend Micheal at La Baia. 


Producer: Gatugi Wet Mill

Harvest: 2020

Lot: 23KE2001

Lot Size: 15 Bags

Farm: Gatugi

Region: (Othaya) Nyeri, Kenya

Altitude: 1863 MASL

Variety: SL28 & SL34

Process: Natural

Drying Time: 18 - 21 days dried on raised drying beds






Built in 1979, this wet mill is located in Gatugi village Karima sub-location near Karima Hill off the Othaya - Karima road. The altitude is 1,863 meters above sea level on latitude 00.52892° South and longitude 036.96207° East. Gatugi has 754 members (574 males, 176 females and 4 institutions). Farmers from Gatugi produce the highest Kg per tree in Othaya FCS.

Award: Nyeri County 2nd Ranked Highest Percentage Yield Paid To Its Members 2014/2015

Variety Grown: Many of the members grow the SL-28 and SL-34 varieties with majority of the trees being SL-28.



Vision: To be the best managed and leading coffee based co-operative society in Kenya

Mission: To produce top quality coffee for top quality prices and for quality life of our people

Established: 1956

Original Membership: 250 small scale farmers

Current Farmer Members: 14,500 all small-scale farmers

Number of Wet Mills: 19 licensed wet mills

Varieties Grown: An estimated 1,255,000 coffee trees of various varieties of SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

and Batian covering an area of 2,370 Acres.

Soil: Red Volcanic

Elevation Range: 1700-1965 MASL

Certifications: Fair Trade certified since 2012

Processing: Fully Washed, Naturals all dried on raised drying beds

Dry Mill: Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited has its own dry mill located in Gatuyaini. This is where all the coffee processed in the various wet mills is taken for further processing. After milling is done, the coffee is packed in export bags. The Society has a cupping laboratory where quality analysis is done by a qualified cuppers before the coffee is taken to the warehouse ready for marketing.

Regional Economic Impact: Coffee revenue provides livelihoods for 14,500 families and has created job opportunities directly at 19 wet mills, dry mills. There are 98 permanent employees and 300 casual employees during the peak harvesting periods.



Kenya Gatugi Natural

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