A true explorer of coffee and dedicated to every step ensuring quality, Rosalio creates beautiful coffees that we are thrilled to just even having 3 bags of his honey processed Parainema variety. 

In 1979 Rosalio was sent to Costa Rica to participate in a coffee growing course and came out a visionary in how to produce the best coffees. This led him to even build his own solar dryers and patios to ensure even drying regardless of the weather. With a focus on experimental processing like semi-washed, naturals and an arry of honeys, it is easy to see and taste the care in his coffee.

We are excited to be telling Roaslio's story and sharing his coffee. We hope this is the start of a lasting relationship and offer his coffee every year with the potential to buy other processes by him. Special thanks to La Baia for bringing this coffee in!


Lot: #8

Producer: Rosalio Ventura

Farm: Finca Elizabeth

Region: Mercedes, Octotepeque

Altitude: 1550 MSAL

Variety: Parainema

Process: Honey



*Photo and information by: La Baia Coffee Supply

Honduras Rosalio Ventura Honey


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