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Like many regions in Colombia, grappling with the transition from conflict to peace, the town of Suárez (Cauca) gained unwanted notoriety in recent months after violent incidents sparked national outrage and a military offensive to counter the resurgence of violence in the remote rural community. Unfortunately, media outlets did not hear about the inspiring coffee farmers from that embattled territory who exported their first microlots. One of those farmers is Gilberto Salinas. A natural leader, Gilberto is a profoundly devout man who is passionate about growing specialty coffee. Gilberto radiates confidence and wisdom when he speaks. He works incessantly for his community and we are proud that he has embarked on this coffee-fueled adventure with us. For Gilberto, he is exactly where he belongs when he is on his coffee farm. “I’d left for the city chasing my dreams, but realized that the countryside is better,” Gilberto says. For the first time in the USA, Stageline Coffee Roasters is proud to offer this rare and exclusive microlot from a producer that has been relentless in the pursuit of his dream of exporting coffee.Farm: El ProgresoAltitude: 1,750 MASLVarietals: Colombia, Caturra, and CastilloFermentation: DoubleDrying: Sun dried using a parabolic bed

Gilberto Salinas