This coffee was brought in by our new friends at Hydasey (which means "grand beginning in Ethiopian) based right down the road in Virginia!

I reached out to Gaim who is the owner and importer via instagram and the relationship formed. We always love being able to talk directly to the person that is tapped in to whats going on at origin and knows about each coffee. Gaim works directly with a sister company ( that happens to be his cousin!) in Ethiopia and imports coffees to the states. 


We're certian this is just the beginning of a long relationship with Gaim and Hydasey Coffee.


Yirgachefe_ Banko Gotiti

Village: Gotiti

Nearest city/town/village (and distance): 12 kms from Gedeb town

 Altitude: 2200-2300 meters above sea level

Soil Type: Red brown, well drainage fertile clay soil

Rainfall: 1780-2100mm  

Temperature ranges: 22 degree centigrade -26 degree centigrade  

Soil Depth: above 1.5 meter

Water source: Spring water

Pick season: From December to end of January

Variety: Heirloom Yirgacheffe varietal 


From the washing station: 
"The coffee grows in high altitude above 2200 masl. The district is called Gedeb and known for its high quality coffee. There are 400-700 farmers who live in 2- 3 km radius around the washing station and who supply their cherry to the washing station. The average farm size is ½ hectare and coffee is grown at the backyard of the household. Farmers usually put animal remains as natural fertilizer and no chemical fertilizer is applied for coffee grown in such areas. Also farmers grow other cereals and fruits for their household consumption. The average family size in the area is 6-8 and coffee is the back bone of the economy for farmers that enables them to send their children to school and that covers medical costs. Besides supplying their coffee, most of them also work in the washing stations as day laborers to get extra income during the harvest season. 
Many farmers share similar stories, and let us introduce Tesfaye Buko who owns 5 hectares of coffee farm and owns 3-hectare farm that produces corn, potato, and other cerals . He is one of the well-to-do farmers as he has large sized land. He produces between 3500-4000 kg per hectare. He has 11 children and of which 5 are attending school, while the others are still under school age. Even though he wishes to keep some of the kids at home to help in the farm, government policy obliges him to send them to school when they attain school age. His wife Wosen Shenko also helps him.  The kids have to walk 2km every morning to the nearest school, which is typical other family’s children as well. During harvest season, all his old enough help him in picking the cherries.  
Money earned selling their cherries has typically allowed them to pay for  school, health, and clothes and  consumable goods including cooking oil, oil for lamp and some farm equipment"

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural


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