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Varietal: Heirloom
Elevation: 1900 m
As for the process: The beans go through the honey process and are then put in plastic barrels where all water and oxygen is removed. The barrels are sealed and the beans are left to ferment (NO YEAST is added) for around 36 hours. The plastic barrels expand to a level where the growers can tell that the process is complete.
Once removed, the coffee is pulped and taken to dry on raised beds. The beans are then turned more frequently to dry to desired level.
	Cherry selection
	Immediately putting back to Fermenting barrel (200 kg plastic barrel) 
	Take out the water and air out of the barrel tank, close it well
	Wait until fermentation happen
	After fermentation takes the pulped cherries to drying beds
	Move frequently the pulped cherries for proper drying and follow fully washed protocols. No washing on the channel.

The coffee is collected from small farmers and milled by Kerchache washing station.

Ethiopia Anaerobic Fermentation Honey