Another beautiful offering from our new relationship with Gaim and Hydasey Coffee.


This washed coffee comes from the well respected Adado washing station and this is what they had to say about it:


"Yirgachefe, Adado

Village: Adado

Region: Southern Nations, Nationalities and peoples Region

Nearest city/town/village (and distance): 8 kms from Yirgacheffe town,

Altitude: 1780-1860 meters above sea level

Soil Type: Red brown, well drainage fertile clay soil

Rainfall: 1795-2150mm

Temperature ranges: 24 degree centigrade -29 degree centigrade

Soil Depth: above 1.5 meter

Water source: Spring water

Pick season: From November to end of January


"The coffee grows in high altitude above 1800 masl. There are 400-800 farmers who live within 2- 3 km radius around the washing station. The average farm size is about 1⁄2 to 1 hectare and coffee trees are grown in the backyard of the household. They supply their cherry to the washing station. Farmers usually put animal remains as natural fertilizer and no chemical fertilizer is applied to coffee grown in area. In addition, farmers grow other crops and fruits for household consumption. The average family size in the area is 4-6 and coffee is the main income source for farmers that enables them to send their children to school and that covers medical costs. Besides supplying their coffee, most of them also work in the washing stations as day laborers to get extra income during the harvest season. Story Let us introduce Ware Shalo. She farms around the Adado station, and she has six children. She became widowed four years ago when her Husband died suddenly. Despite the loss of her husband, she continued to manage the two hectares of farmland she and her husband owned. She is a determined and strong woman. She grows coffee on 1 hectare of land and other crops on the remaining land. Her eldest son helps her while the other kids attend school. She owns couple of cows and two donkeys. She uses the donkeys to transport coffee cherries to the washing station. The annual production of coffee from this hectare of land is in the range of 4,000-4,500 kg. The income she earns from coffee helps her to cover her kids’ education, health, and clothing costs. The income from coffee is the main stay of the household. Our company gives incentive to women farmers to encourage and support their efforts. And Ware Shalo has always supplied best coffee as she gives extra care during picking of the coffee."

Ethiopia Adado Washed


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