A natural leader, Don Gilberto is a profoundly devout man who is passionate about growing specialty coffee. Don Gilberto radiates confidence and wisdom when he speaks. He works incessantly for his community, and we are proud that he has embarked on this coffee-fueled adventure with us. Don Gilberto says he is where he belongs when he is on his coffee farm. “I’d left for the city chasing my dreams but realized that the countryside is better,” Don Gilberto says.


This year, Don Gilberto overcame several challenges, in addition to the pandemic, so that he could export his coffee for the second consecutive year with Cosecha Traders. An accident while on the farm landed him in a Cali hospital just before the national quarantine. Once restrictions were lifted in April, he attempted to return to his farm and process his coffee to find that the harvest was well underway. Such was his determination that he managed to get past rural roadblocks imposed by illegal groups to fulfill his commitment to Stageline Coffee Roasters in delivering this lot.

Due to his accident he was unable to produce as much coffee as he did last harvest, but still managed to bring in 3 bags. For this, we told  Luis from Cosecha Traders to add an additional $0.30/lb so he could continue to improve his coffee. 

We are pleased to continue this relationship with Don Gilberto and have his coffee for the second year in a row.

Don Gilberto Salinas


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