This is our first coffee from our new friendship with Micheal at La Baia coffee supply and we are thrilled to be working together. 
This particular coffee is a varietal you don’t see often and is actually a hybrid of two coffees!

Clean, perfectly grown and processed washed coffees are becoming few and far between. As honey processed and natural processed coffees become more popular in the market, we have also seen how these post-harvest processing methods can manipulate flavor profile (for better or worse). Being a fully washed coffee, this lot has nothing to hide behind and has no reason to. This coffee displays the true potential of the Starmaya varietal. Near perfectly executed farm management, and a watchful eye on cherry progression from flower to harvest are what this coffee is all about. This lot of coffee was processed in the washed method. At Pitalillo mill this means the coffee was mechanically pulped and demucilaged in order to conserve water. After the majority of pulp is removed this way, the coffee is traditionally washed with a small amount of water to ensure the coffee is 100% clean. After the washing process the coffee is sun dried on patios or raised beds and turned constantly to ensure even drying.

Río Grande came to show the long standing producers of the region that good quality could be obtained with adequate management and using new varieties. The profile of the farm is outstanding compared to the local standard. The farm has made huge investment in experimental varieties with high productivity and quality, such as Starmaya. Starmaya is a hybrid that comes from the crossing of Marsellesa and a natural wild mutant of Ethiopian and Sudanese varieties. Most notably, this hybrid resists leaf rust, is high yielding, and produces generally higher acidity in the cup. Starmaya is also the first F1 (first generation) coffee hybrid to be propagated by seed. At Río Grande de Orosí farm, SMS uses shade canopy and top of the line fertilization methods to yield the best results from this already great varietal.

This specific lot of coffee was planted in 2015 on 5 hectares of land and only has 15 bags available in the world. This lot and about 30% of the farm's entire production for 2018-19 harvest was sold at the Costa Rican microlot level. This is an amazing feat for any farm, let alone one from an area not historically known as a prime growing area.

Producer: Various Small Holders, Sustainable Management Services 

Harvest: 2019/2020

Farm: Finca Río Grande de Orosí, Pitalillo Wet Mill

Lot Size: 15 Bags

Bag Size: 69KG

Region: Palomo, Orosí, Cartago

Altitude: 1,150 MSAL

Variety: Starmaya (Marsallesa x Ethiopian/Sudanese natural mutant)

Process: Washed

Costa Rica Rio Grande de Orosi


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