Another gem from our friends at LaREB and for the first time to us, producer Hyler Gurerra!

Hyler is the third generation coffee grower who gave a 180 degree turn to the conventional coffee grower in his region. With the firm intention of always looking from an "its today" motto at his farm and a legacy for future sustainable coffee growing with the environment.

Using methods found in the wine industry, Hyler implements the anoixic fermentaion method (carbonic maceration) for this lot. This method involves fermenting the coffees in the cherry within closed tanks for up to 72hrs and then sundried for 30 days. It is truly innovation that can be tasted in the cup and is extremely reminiscent of a cabernet wine.


Heyler says " This farm is dedicated to the production of differential coffee implementing practices that contribute to the sustainability of natural resources, recognizing potential in production of environmental goods and services of tropical ecosystems. This coffee is given an innovative controlled fermentation process, always preserving the best attributes of each harvest"

Colombia Russilandia Anoxic Natural

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