Our second year purchasing coffee from Yolima, owner of Paisa Coffee, and this year being the first buying from her family's estate. 

Yolima travels back Antioquia every year to begin purchasing coffee from friends and family within her town and assists in processing techniques. This year was the first that they experimented with honeys and naturals for almost every lot she bought and this particular lot from her family's farm went through a vigorous process.

Once the cherries are picked and sorted, they are packed into grainpro bags and sealed for 3 days (anoxic fermentaion). After 3 days they are pulped and put inside an open tank overnight, then semi-rinsed to removed defect beans.

Finally, the coffee is put onto raised drying beds until desired moisture content is reached.

The final cup is a complex, juicy, and balanced.



  • Variety: Castillo Roasario
  • Process: Yelow Honey - Combined Fermentation (Anaerobic + Aerobic) 65 hr

Colombia La Vega Honey