Personal relationships within coffee is a priority and value above all at Stage Line and its always amazing to be able to hop on a facetime call or text back and fourth with the people that make the coffee. That is excatly the case with this beautifully complex coffee from our friends at LaReb (La Real Expedicion Botanica). 

I first had coffee from LaReb  in Colorado at Little Owl coffee and I had to know who produced the coffee and how I could get some. So I reached out to Little Owl and they put me in contact with Herbert, the director of LaReb. Within a week I had samples at my door and was doing a virtual cupping with Herbert and the crew.

I ended up purchasing some coffee and our decaf from them earlier this year and the relationship as been growing ever since!

LaReb is a collective of producers that drop coffees in volumes and keep improving quality with each rendition. 

This specific coffee comes from producer Ana Mustafa from Risaralda and is processed in an incredible way.

The process is coined "fed-batch" washed, meaning the coffee is picked and put into the washing tanks over the course of 3 different days so the cherrys are all fermenting at different rates and levels. This leads itself to a complex cup of coffee and the result of getting creative at the farm.


Producer: Ana Mustafa

Altitude: 1550 - 1650 MASL

Variety: Castillo

Process: Fed-Batch 

Colombia El Crucero 28


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