Tis the season to celebrate!

We took the hard part out of gift giving and made it easier (and way tastier) than ever! Coffee is the PERFECT gift and can be enjoyed for several days!

This seasonal blend is a combination of all of our special coffees from 4 different regions (Colombia El Crucero, El Salvador, Ethiopia Aricha, and Honduras Rosalio Ventura) and 3 different processing methods (washed, honey, and natural)!

Its pratically a fruitcake in a box if you ask us.


For real though, there is no better time in the year to brew a pot of coffee, gather with loved ones and just enjoy each others company. Be thankful for those in your life and take a moment to reflect on the year.


We are personally thankful for each and every supporter of Stage Line and for making this challenging year managable and keep us pursuing our passion. Your purchases help us continue to create stability in the coffee chain and grow our relationships with those in producing countries and those that bring in beautiful coffee.

So, thank you all! 



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