Coffee is a fruit!


Cascara is spanish for "skin" or "peel" and is the dried skins of coffee cherries. Typically, the skin and the rest of the pulp is discarded in the milling process to get to the seed. However, in recent years the exploration in using the skins is increasing and leaded to other purposes including brewing them as tea! 

After the coffee cherries are de-pulped, they are dried using an electric dryer to avoid the possibility of mold or furthering fermentation.

This cascara comes from Finca La Vega in Antioquia, Colombia and is brought in by Pasia Coffee. This is our first purchase from Yolima at Pasia Coffee and we hope to furthur our relationship with more coffee in the future.

Brewing cascara is simple and yeilds a very fruity and delicate tea like drink with notes of dates, tobacco, and green apple tartness.

We recommend:

15g cascara (4 tbs)

350g hot water

let steep for 4mins then strain.

*Tip - use a french press to make brewing easier!


Farmer: Jairo Antonio Taborda Berrio
Origin: Colombia.
Subregion: Southwestern Antioquia - Amagá Town.
Elevation: 1.800 – 1.900m above sea level.
Variety: 60% Castillo and 40% Catimor
Processing Method: Washed, dried (using an electric dryer to avoid fermentation)

Cascara Finca La Vega

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